Welcome Costa Reserva Owners

Costa Reserva is one of three communities in Costa Rica developed by the Costa Developers economic group. We are not associated with the developer. We are an independent group and this site is maintained by volunteer lot owners. The purpose is to provide timely, accurate information to supplement the representations made by the developer. If you purchased a lot in Reserva and want to know more about the activities of the group, please sign up for Linkedin and join the Costa Reserva discussion group.

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Has your lot been taken over by a bank?

Learn here how to determine that.You will need your finca number

Is anything been done with the Beach Club?

Facilities are under construction but work has stopped. See the latest photos here.

How about the road and power infrastructure?

Most roads finished. No power lines yet

Has anyone brought charges against the developers?

Join our Linkedin group to learn about the latest activities by members.

In Costa Rica, are all lawyers notaries also?

See the excellent article written by one of our owner members.

Is it true new financing is being obtained by Costa Developers?

Quite probably. Again, join our group as situation changes daily

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